Week 36

Less than a mth 2 go n im scared 2 death. I was admitted a couple of nites ago n begged 2b released d nex dy.i cried n felf sick of myself 4 being so scared.my bp rised 2 150/110. Ive been given medicine since then 2 help lower my bp.i was given a home leave, a term i never knew existed.i was able 2 go home but had 2 check back in d next dy.but ges wat? I never did. The nurses called my hp, my hubby, even my hom. Im hating myself even mo,cos now i feel evry1 else is worrid accept 4 me.so finally,my hubby went 2 d hospital yday,explained my stuborness,n they gave me medicines 2 take 4 a week...hav i mentioned i hate myself?


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