Week 34

6 more weeks to go to my due date. Less than a week to go before school holiday. Hooray!!! I need a break. I've finished all my work, even papers which are not due til January. I don't want to have to come to work in December.

Sigh, but I do have a little cleaning up to do. Oh yes, the yearly ritual of packing everything in the classroom, moving things out and starting everything all over in another classroom. I envy the pra classes for not having to move every year. I have tons of paper to throw, hundreds of dollars spent teaching aids to sort through. I heard I'll be teaching Primary 2 next year. So much for looking ahead for a better year. There will be only two primary 2 class next year, 2A and 2B, due to shortage of classes. Hmmphh.. So, it's a guarantee 30+ pupils for me next year.


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