Sooner Than Later

Even though my due date is on Jan 4th, but I may have to deliver soon. Wow, things are really going to be different next year. My husband and I are going to become parents, and... I'm transferring work. It takes less than 5 minutes to get there from my home. I wonder what time will I leave home in the morning.. hehe. No more jams, no more traffics... I usually leave home by half past 6 or earlier, arrive at work 45 minutes or almost an hour later. Yes, that's how terrible the jam around here is.

God is on my side. A new surrounding will help me to improve myself. I need to make changes. With the baby coming soon, this transfer is the next best thing. May the year 2009 brings good luck and happiness to all of us.

P/S: If I'm not posting msgs next weeks or the next week to come, I'm most likely to be in the hospital, delivering my baby. Pray that everything will go well, for me and baby. Amin.


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