Sharing the last few weeks/days

I'm posting this in hopes that it will help me 2 go through my current feelings n situations. More than 8mths have passed by with excitement of welcoming a new member to the new family.As the day is finally approaching, my days r filled with sleepless nite n restless days of what d next fw days wil bring. Fear of labor is a constant thought that clings to me, haunting me since my body experiences and feeling changes for the upcoming duty. I can feel my body preparing for labor, causing discomfort n even pain here n there. Shifting positions when resting or sleeping is no longer a breeze, n my nites r imcomplete without d regular visits 2 d loo. I've started feeling d pressure since my baby moved downward a few days ago. Walking can be uncomfortable n i keep feeling as if d baby might fall netime soon. Stories of painful labor keeps replaying in my overcrowded mind. I'm not really sure if this the real reason of d fear I'm feeling, cos in d end i keep on asking myself if I'm ready 2bcom a paren... N then I start 2 imagin myself in d labor room. I kno its goin 2 come sooner than it shud b. Baby is eager to meet us...n yes I'm counting d moments 2 meet baby too. I hope evryting goes wel despite my fear n ol...


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