Childrens' Sense of Humor

Our school celebrated Hari Raya last Saturday. The children looked adorable in their latest and colourful Baju Raya. And I love the Pra Kids. They were the cutest!!! Some boys in their over-sized Baju Melayu and the girls in their girly fashion with the double-layered 'kisi' and 'katok'

My least favorite parts were re-arranging the tables and the cleaning up. The kuehs were all over the floor and drinks were spilt everywhere. ( Okay, thank God, I didn't invite them for my open house lol)

The childrens were eager to go home early after the celebration. They acted as if it was the last day of school when in fact we have around five more weeks to go. At last in the end, I finally let them leave, "Okay, yang ada sudah ibu-bupanya boleh balik"... One of my pupils managed to give me an annoying yet ironically funny reply, " Cigu, kami semua sudah ada ibu bapa"... Okay.. One kid is enough for me...


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