Where was I? Part 2

The best parts of being pregnant are:
  • puking
  • drowsiness
  • irritableness
  • sleepiness
  • laziness
  • bloated tummy
  • bowel problem
  • kpanasan yg tidak terhingga (like ol day long)
  • unsure of wat 2 eat (u get confused, 1 moment kn makan ani, then atu.. then ani.. then atu)
Wel ani baru masuk 2nd trimester.. so I have another haf way 2 go...

Neway.. rumah trasa sunyi nowadays.. My parents rajin blayar (orang pencen katakn) Then my sis has d luxury tuk turut serta. (mbari jeles kan?) Sigh.. I need 2 go away. Yes... my husband has been really nice 2 me. Since getting pregnant last April, i've been pampered better like no other princess. I kno he's feeling guilty sal nda jadi bawa blayar. So every chance he got, like weekend, ia bawa stay in the local hotel around the country. Our aim is to try out every single hotel d Brunei hehe... Between you and me.. the best bed n pillow di Empire. But I'm not sure wat happened ah. 1 nite it got really hot, I blamed my husband sal main remote control plg. But he swore he didn't do anyting 2 it..


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