Where was I? Part 1

So when was the last time I blogged? February? Hmmph.. tons have happened since..

I got into an accident sometime in March. Everybody was okay. No body got hurt, thank God. To make the story short, I had to pay almost 2k that month. I felt miserable and felt the need to escape. So I bought tickets for myself and my hubby of course to go to Singapore. We were planning to go on October (Kononnya malas kn braya sini)

Then... the next thing happened... On April, I found out, I got pregnant! Kira punya kira, we discovered, I'm gonna b around 6mths plus by kn blayar. So hubby apa lagi.. the next thing he did was 2 cancel. I was disappointed of course. Dapat jua hubby tukar awal d ticket. But sadly, nda dapat, cos nda dapt cuti. He has 1 of dos job where you hav to book cuti really far in advance. How advance? Imagine ada dah yg book cuti for September 2009. How can I beat that?

Gtg.. krg g sambung.. kn lunch.. 1.30 lunch ani hehe


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