If you're in a good mood, pls don't read this

I hate my work, and I hate the person who I'm working for. I've tried my best and all she could say was, "I'm not putting enough effort into my work". I am so ready to give up. If doing my best is not good enough, what else can be done. I find myself wondering, "Lum cukup kali sumpahan ku supaya ia mati" THAT IS HOW MUCH I HATE HER. I sent my work on time, I prepared my work on time, I recorded my work daily, I spent most of my wage just to make everything perfect. But to my dismay, my so-called-perfect-effort is not good enough for her. There are people who are not doing their work, and she's telling ME I'm not doing my work enough? They should give out a survey and ask us what we think of our so called ketua. She's one of those people yg how we say, "Cakap tak serupa bikin" She complaints about people who cant finish her work and yet every time she couldn't finish her work, she would drop everything on one of my colleague and ordered it to be finished by the next day. How can this kind of people live?

(secret msg attached)
To whom it may concern,
Mudah2an kau rasa apa ku rasa,
Mudah2an kau menerima bala supaya kau tau apa org dibwah mu rasa
Semoga segala yang ko buat arah org kebalikan arah mu
Di hari ko mati, mudah2an ko ingat smua muka yg ko aniaya.
Di hari ko mati, trasa ko payah mati pasal banyak org inda akan memaafkan kau.
I wont..


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