How to Tell Him/Her That They Smell

Use a little tact and tell the truth, but be sympathetic without being patronising, sounds difficult and it is, but you are this persons best friend and this friend needs to be told that they have B.O before someone starts spreading the news around and her life is made hell by the nasty snide comments.

tell your friend that you have noticed recently that she is sweating alot, ask her if anything is wrong, sweating can be brought on by alot of factors, stress, puberty, heat, hormonal changes and many others, it could be that your friend is having personal problems and she has stopped caring for herself properly.

Then delicately inform your friend that because of the sweating, she has a little body odour and some of your other mutual friends have noticed it too.

Explain that you didn't want to tell her but because she is your friend you felt you had to for her own benefit, that you don't want to hurt her and you don't want her to become a target of ridicule.

She might get angry and lash out at you but she will soon calm down and realise that you have been a good friend.

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