Not a quitter!

I have a lot in my mind. I think a lot and I have trouble sleeping at night. When I close my eyes, my mind refuses to shut down. Sometimes I end up not sleeping at all. I work hard in the day but it's not enough to tire me to sleep. I yawn through out the night, my eyes are sleepy but my mind screams with the thought that has happened. I've been through a lot. There are times when I just want to give up, but I'm not a quitter! I've worked hard to get to where I am right now. But can I just admit I'm beginning to hate my job? Well.. I don't really hate it, I just hate the people I have to work with/for. Where I work at, they see beyond work effort. For example, I did twice or more work last year compared to most people and I still end up getting negative reviews in my record. My only fault is that I don't do butt-kissing. The lazy people with hand-phones in their hands, messaging continuously with their MSN got away with their indolence. Ask anything about work, and all they'll give you is "Mana ku tau" ( I dunno....) Don't you just want to shove their hand-phones in to their mouth?


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