Eve b4 Monday

Just got out of the shower. My face is itching like crazy and I can see red spots appearing here and there. I shouldn't have eaten the prawn dish..But it was so yummy. We went out for dinner last Thursday and I couldn't stop myself from ordering the 'Vietnamese style prawn', one of my favourite dish along with Orange Chicken Chop, Sweet & Sour Fish and and mixed veggie. I've always loved colors amongst my food:)

I'm not supposed to eat any kind of shrimps and crabs. But if I can't stop myself (and it does happen occasionally) these foods tend to cause some (allergic) reaction on me. My face would itch, followed by a runny nose, accompanied by watery eyes and then my temperature would rise up and I'd be drenched in fever. Along with this fever would be my long time best enemy, asthma. I would be suffering for 2 weeks or so... Sigh... I never learn.

I've applied some calamine lotion on my face which I've gotten from the hospital from my last trip. It helps reduce the itching and the swelling. I hope it won't be as terrible like the last time. My face swollen pretty badly. I still keep the picture as a reminder. But... :)


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