Ego as Men's best friend

Men (particularly on the road) obviously think they own the road as they own everything else. Have you ladies out there out take a male driver and have him out take you over few seconds later? We'd be in a hurry to reach our destination, while he'd be too lazy holding on to the steering wheel, with the other hand is mightily (not) holding on to a cigarette. Come on! Windows down, hand out, cd booming aloud, oily face (euuggh) that is so last season man! And they say female drivers are the worst. We're not the ones having trouble turning the wheel cos our hand is busy holding on to the cigarette or our tyre rim is damn too wide to steer ata corner(especially to those with TINY cars).
Talking about tiny cars, let me say I'm soooo hating them. May it be Mazda2, Serion, Kancil and including Vios. Gosh, have you ever noticed the way these cars park? They park like a Hummer damn it. Peeps, drive your car as it is. Your 1.3cc engine wont go faster just because you switch the airi-cond off. Please don't embarass yourself. 1.3 vs 3.5 v6? C'mon!
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