Baby Myths VS Logic

Through out my (almost) 9 months of pregnancy, I have heard all kind of myths and taboos associated with pregnancy. I am sure most of mom-to-be or anyone who had gone through pregnancy probably know what I'm talking about. The taboos and so-called jinx doesn't stop after pregnancy, I was bombarded with more and more illogical and almost fictional so-called facts after my labor.

Most popular taboos/myths during/after pregnancy:

  1. Frequent massage (urut) during pregnancy to help the baby move downward sooner.
  2. Do not leave the house in the evening or you would supposedly loose the baby (they say, an evil spirit will steal (kidnap?) the unborn baby.
  3. Use 'air selusoh' to help you deliver the baby easier.
  4. Use a talisman/amulet (tangkal) - To rid the evil spirit who can possess you and make you go crazy
  5. Swaddle the baby or she'll walk like a duck (most annoying)
  6. Don't let the baby look upward, it'll lead to epilepsy (sawan)
  7. Mother's shouldn't leave the room for 40days.
  8. Tie both toes using black fabric for.. (hmm.. I'm not sure about this one)

The list goes on and on...

  1. Inappropriate massage may cause the baby's umbilical cord to move and choke the baby. Doing simple exercises/activities and walking around can help. The baby will move when she's ready.
  2. Unborn baby mysteriously disappears. Has this ever happened recently? You seem to keep hearing people say, "Dulu-dulu" (Long time ago) where there were no ultrasounds. It could have been a molar pregnancy.
  3. Air Selusoh - If you did use it, you probably ended up with easy or hard labor. Duh! Do you have any other possibilities? Labor and pregnancy are different for each women. If you use air selusoh, and end up with easy labor, they'll say "thanks to the air selusoh". If you end up with a hard and difficult labor, they'll say "you should've tried the other air selusoh or "yatahnah ko nda pakai selusoh". Guess what, I had a normal labor, and I didn't use air selusoh.
  4. Talisman to rid evil spirit. Now, as a believer, we all know there are spirits everywhere, may it be day or night. Some female may suffer pregnancy induced hypertension during and even after pregnancy. Emotional changes are common to new mothers. And these can lead to stress and even depression. I, myself have went through these and I wasn't possessed!
  5. Swaddling - I only swaddle my baby when she is going to sleep. You should stop swaddling your baby once she is about a month old because after that it can interfere with mobility and development.
  6. Babies looking upward. Babies like bright lights and colors.They can't focus on an object so they tend to look at other object or light that attracts them. They may even be looking at their eyelashes!
  7. Stay in my room for 40 days? Now this is probably the reason why women in the old days went crazy...
  8. No comment...

Now you may choose to beleive what your mom tells you.. "Karangnya ketulahan... " You know what, just nod your head and say yes to everything she says :)


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