First Post for 2009

I haven't blogged for a while. Taking care of baby Zara sure is challenging. She's not much a crier, but God, she can scream. She likes the attention. She sleeps when people are around, as if the noise that we make are comforting to her. When the lights and televisions are turned off, the peace and quiet seems to disturb her. She'd churn in her sleep, making jerky movements and then wails until we hold her in our arms. While talking to her, she'd look into our eyes, wondering what we're talking about, smiling once in a while, and if we're lucky, we'd hear her cute laughter.

She had her first 1 month check up last week. Wow, it's been a month. Time is passing by so fast, and I swear she is growing before my eyes. The day she was born, she weighed 3.2kg with a height of 53cm. On her 1 month check up, she weighed 4.3kg and measured 55cm. She had her shot which was accompanied by a flu few days later. I felt sorry for her. When the flu finally receded, she started having sore throat. I felt like crying hearing her throaty cry.

She got better in less than a week though. Ironically enough, the flu seems to bring a new side of her. She starts making cute sounds and she can concentrate better when looking at an object or people.

She was circumcised yesterday. I couldn't really look, worrying that she may bleed and cried furiously in pain. But no, everything went well. She cried for a few seconds, mostly of surprise than pain.

Someone asked me, if my husband is still the best thing that happened to me. Yes my husband is the best thing that happened to me, and he brought Zara with him...


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