Friday Morning

7 am on Friday morning and I'm already wide awake. My parent is on their way to KK, and I can't help feeling worried. My sister is making pancake downstairs, after curiously asking me how to make one. I'm a bit on the sick side at the moment. It happens, but I'll be better later.

I had another prenatal appointment last Wednesday. Once again, I was referred to the RIPAS hospital. I arrived at the hospital by 2pm and left by 8pm. That was okay I think, considering the fact that they wanted to admit me. My BP increased by the hour, and it was no surprise! I was told to rest in the day care. Can you imagine resting alone, with all the thoughts that you still haven't finished your work, with few more school weeks to go? To make it worse, the incoming visitors were really helpful. They were talking and laughing loudly and the children were running rampid. How in the world is this helping to the patience?

I remember 2 years ago when my dad had to stay in the hospital due to high BP as well. His BP was too high that he began to throw up and were having black outs. I brought him to the ER against his will and he was admitted later but not before he had to wait about 3-4 hours in the small curtain room, where my dad was supposed to rest and had his blood checked, where this 1 male nurse was speaking loudly on his phone for half an hour. He was laughing like there was no tomorrow, even his voice was getting to my head.

Okay, then my dad had to stay in the hospital ward where he was unlucky enough to be placed next to this guy with a big family. The guy was nice yes, the family.. maybe too nice. They'd come every night, making you think that they were having a family gathering. They didn't talk to the patience much, just among themselves. I remember they were talking about boats and stuff. We usually left my 9, that was when the visiting time was over. My dad said, the other family usually left by 11, and refused to leave even when the nurse kept switching on and off the light. The day the patience was released, I heard one of them said, "Aiii.. siuk dah sini." (oww , it's fun here) Emm... holiday much?

Anyway, my father stayed more than a week. His BP refused to cooperate, and he didn't look any better. My father complained he wasn't getting any better with all the noises and the waking up He couldn't sleep at the hospital and he was definitely not resting. So finally, he was released. And guess what? He was better staying home.

And that is why, I don't want to stay in the hospital... I almost cried, (yes, I can get very emotional lately). I asked the doctor to check my BP for one last time, and thank God, my BP finally decreased. Now, here I am...


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