How do you say "Please Shut Up!" to a friend?

I don't mean to be cruel/bad/heartless but we all have our own problems. We sometimes prefer to keep most things to ourselves. But SOME PEOPLE just let it out. A very good example is a good friend of mine. Yes, she's a good friend, but oh God she just wouldn't stop complaining! I pity her most of the time because I know she had been through a lot. But so have I, and she knew it.

Since the day I told her I got pregnant, she had been complaining about non-stop headaches. Suddenly she was suffering pain here and there. A new day brings a new pain or some kind of disease. I was suffering from nausea attack, throwing up at work, barely able to walk up the stairs and she was complaining about her sleepless night after she was on the MSN wif her bf. Sigh...

She liked to do one of those thing, where she'd touch her chest (exactly on the heart spot) and then asked "This side hurts, do u know what this is? Is it my heart.. n bla bla bla'

She also loved to do do this. She's touched below her waist (exactly on the kidney spot) and then asked "These areas hurt. What is it?" (Oh before I forget, she'd put a circle mark using her finger to emphasize exactly where it "hurt" It's like someone touching her own head and then ask "This hurt, what part is this?"

The miraculous thing about these pains are they'd suddenly be gone when she was telling jokes and came back later.

She had the annoying habit of talking loudly (we were at Fratini's once n when she talked everybody turned). Then when she laughed, she'd hit the table which frankly was really annoying..

Why am I talking about her in past tense as if she' s dead? Hehe.. Well, thankfully, my dear friend is away at the moment to further her studies. I need rest from her hehe...


NoTy But Nice Zhoe said...

hahah funny d ending... i could imagine how annoyed dis person is...

Ina Honey said...

do i know this person? hehe

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