Sick of being sick

As I mentioned before, my allergic reaction doesn't stop with the itching. Since Wednesday, I've been suffering from a nasty flu, irritating cough. I'm feeling hot and cold at the same time, I can't decide whether to switch the air-cond on or off. I'm in search of a new taste bud hehe... cos my current taste bud is not functioning properly. I haven't been able to taste and worst smell. I usually have a strong sense of smell. Yes really! Let me walk in an alley of people and I would be able to point out the 'smelly people' :) But really, these are the people that makes you say, "Cubatah balik dulu lpas dari jmputan atu" or, "Eeee.. mlm dah, lum u tukar baju kaja kah?" This reminds me of a story. I was watching a movie at the mall with my hubby. We sat at the twin seat on the outer side. There was another couple next to us. It was night, 10+, the couple was still using their office attire. We could tell they were doing something. Well to be precise the guy was doing something. The girl was practically sitting on the guy's lap. And my gosh, our seat was moving... The worst? One of them (maybe both) stinked!!! They smelt really bad.


NoTy But Nice said...

Yawah Syii? wyg d mana tu? berijap jua....

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