Been Awhile

Awu batah nda post sal nothing 2 post abt.. wel nothing important la...Well.. adapun it only makes me sad just to tink abt it. So let me just bury it deep within my heart n pretend that it never happened.
So neway, just got back from work and I suddenly remember a chinese series that I used to love watching, The Good Old Days. So, I searched high n lo (not really) for the theme song. I googled it but to no avail. And then I tried you tube.. And here it is..
It's been raining non-stop since d mlm. My room is freezing n i like it! I'm one of dos ppl who'd never survive in d desert even for a minute. (Ironically I've been to Padang Arafah when I performed d haj wif my family) And here I am. Hehehe.. Wel I cried most of d time plg during dat time. The other time when I did cry due to d intense heat was wen my family brought me to KK to meet the family from d other side. They lived in a rural area, mcm deep in d jungle sort of speak. No karan wat so ever. They even ate using leaves as plates. They're not poor, (galang mummy jarum proved dat), That's just how they live. Anyway, I'm ashame to admit that I actually cried. Yes... I did. I cried and begged for my parents to leave and get to the hotel. I wasn't being a brat. But it was hot! I'm ol grown up now since then. I don't cry dat much nemore. Instead of crying in the end, I just refuse 2 go there the other times:)


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