What I hate?

Tongue Blister! Cos that's what I'm suffering right now. Ouch... I didn't accidentally bit my tongue this time, it wasa the shrimp. Aaaaa....

So ok, no complaints. I haven't been able to blog this few days due to my busy schedule. I've prepared everything for this week. I'm missing my other half and I'm trying to rid my mind of it by doing work. It worked... yesterday.. but not today.

Home thefts that have been happening around the area this few days and it scares the hell out of us. About 10 years ago, a group of burglars broke into our house. We just moved into the house few months before and we (nor did anyone else) expected it to happen. They broke in not just once, but thrice! And they had knives (well we were told they used samurai, but... I think it was machettes( did I spell that right?)). The first time it happened, we were awaken sometime before dawn by the police on our door step. It happened again few days later, and we only found out about it when we came down stair in the morning discovering our front door widely opened. The police stayed in our house that night while we were told to live next door at our cousin's house. ( Their house had an open view) Guess what? The burglars came again! The police chased them away. I was told they managed to catch one of them.

Nowadays, every night, my dad would check every doors and windows around the house. But I still cant help feeling scared. Steal a few things maybe.. but hurting any one of us...??? May God help us.


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