Scary Movie My ***

It's been awhile since the last time I watch a good ghost movie. Ghost movies nowadays are typical and predictable. Have you noticed all the movies have all if not most of the things below;
  • The main character (the one that gets chased or haunted through out the movie but will not die)
  • The dumb (who usually is among the 1st to die)
  • The ego/spoilt/hard-headed (who's most like likely to die brutally)
  • The old (surprisingly knows everything and has all the answers)
  • The mysterious (thought to be the bad guy but ends up as the good guy)
  • The nice ( but ends up to be the evil one)
  • The mystical object (the main cause why the ghost/spirit is earth bound)
  • Mirror (I think they like the mirror)
  • Glass windows
  • The creaking door
  • Late shower/bath (indoor or out door)
  • No day time (it just have be at night time and in the dark of course)
  • The wind, the rain, the storm
  • The cheesy creepy music
You get my point... But the oh-so-worst-thing I hate about ghost movie(especially malays') the endings! They'd either end up waking up and realising it was all a nightmare (supposedly to make us wonder if it really happened) or...No ending.. You'll find yourself saying "Is that it?" Yg lazimnya, "abis dah kah?"
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