New Year New Me

Happy New Yr!!!.. I don't think it's too late is it.. It's not even a week since we've stepped into 2008... Abis dah holiday... Started working by Jan 2nd.. Some may have guessed by now what I do for livin.. Emm... if you still can't guess cari dictionary n look under the word 'clueless'..i think your pic ada tu... hehe.. kidding..
I've learnt my lesson through the goods and bads from last year. I intend to redeem myself dis year..I spent around 500 just for work's stuff.. Ha... i hope it's worth it.. Wud u beliv it if i tell u I even bot air-cond.. Yeah! Well.. bukan yg window or split plg.. just yg mobile dpt d bawa ksana kmari incase I have 2 change 'place' g next yr..
My baju baru for work dis 7th bru siap... I kno I kno.. I shudve antar it earlier..And I've no excuse.. U kno la.. time cuti... mana mau pikir sal kaja..Dat was y I ended up doing last minute shopping b4 kaja.. las minute as in sok kan kaja and mlmnya bru sibuk mgakas.. hehe
I'm not going 2 list out my resolutions for this yr.. Whats d point neway.. By February.. I wont even remember if I have any hehe. Just hope all things go well dis yr.. Kalau bleh.. all things shall go my way dis yr... :) B happy and watever pray kana makbulkn.. (hop sumpah2an d jraya time driving nda makbul jua)


Madamoiselle ver.2 said...

syii, I guess I'm one of those people who needs to look in tht dictionary under Clueless...hahaha...I dun see any clues of what you do for a livng. Blur dah madam ani kali hehehe...Dun mind to enlighten me? ;p

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