I Admit...

I miss my other half right now. I never admit this in any of my post before. He's current job require us to be apart. He'll be back for good by March. Till then, I'm missing him dearly every day... At the moment, I'm playing our wedding dvd. It makes me want to cry every time I see it. I remember exactly how I felt that day. Funny isn't it, we first planned to have a simple nikah and that was it. Our parents threw a fit, and so we went through all the ceremonies. We got engaged last year in March. I couldn't believe my ear when I was told the wedding would be held in July. I choked! We planned for a year engagement, get everything settled and all. But our parents insisted for us to get marry sooner. No, I wasn't pregnant. We have been together for so long...8 Years.. Wow... I can't believe it myself. We had our ups and downs. We went through the heart aches and the heart breaks. But you know what? I rather it happen before than now..

Nikah was in June 24th 2007. I couldn't sleep that night. My stomach was turning like crazy. I cried (of happiness) when I read my vows. I laughed (of total joy) when he read his vows. Finally after 8 years, we finally belong to each other and we have the certificate to prove it :)

1st July was the big day, Bersanding... I just have to say this... I LOVE MY BAJU KAWIN (wedding dress). I made it at NIE and every penny was worth it.. My make up was beautiful and the way my husband look at me proved it all. After all the commotions of taking pictures and the other necessities, we just couldn't sleep. We sneaked out and had our first dinner as husband and wife. We came back an hour later to find every one else looking for us. We had our Beambilan that night... And off we go to honeymoon the next day..
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