Cuti is here..akhirnya.. I'm so used to busy schedule, tiba2 trasa nada kn d buat. All I can do rite now is plan my weeks ahead. Bila bonus ah? hehe. Stuff I really wanna buy are as follow:
  • Sunglass, either gucci or dior. I've been surveying(I broke my prada fw mths ago. Tpijak sal gugur k lantai)
  • Buy an organizer. I need 2 keep track and hav an order in my life starting nex yr. (dis yr biartya lu:D)
  • Barang kraja
  • IF ol goes wel, buy a new sport rim 4 my new car (18" or 20" still dciding, I hate d feeling of tapuk2 time bjln if u kno wat I mean)
  • Bali / buat kain kraja, slipar, kasut and hand bag

Well so far yg tpikir atu lah...

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