Crossing D road

Prnah brake mgajut cos org mlintas? Ok, mayb they'll say:

  1. "Cana ta jua, kn ke sbarang?"

  2. "Nada pedestrian cross/ zebra cross"

  3. Even worse.. "SAMPAT NI, SAMPAT NI!

Mlintas on d big road is 1 ting, but pls liat kiri kanan. You hav seen the iklan rite. D worst is wen ppl mlintas, ingau ya d car coming from the other side, meanwile keta tani approaching..

Ada lagi ah, awal2 they'll run kan myampati 2 d other side..laju...skali.. kan smpai plahan tya, and our car is still approaching.

I'm like, "Emm hello, I'm closer, liat sini. Silent kali keta ku ani..."


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