Baru Balik

Just got back from... away :) Its good 2 b back in my room. Just don't like that room-batah-nda-beorang smell.. Rite now I'm burning the scented candle. Smells better. I pasted some glow-in-d-darks tingy on my walls.. Mcm..bidakan...And I seriously need 2 throw away stuff yg nda bpakai. Silly kan, when ur thinking of throwing away things, tpikir jua kn buy brg baru 2 replace yg bebuang:) But seriously, I need 2 hav a workin table, another bin close 2 my bed... hmm..n I'm tinking where I can find 1 of dos facial mirror dat comes with d light ting.. I tink I'l try IKEA. They always hav brg2 catu. watever dat is :D


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