Napa woman slalu kna stereotype on d road? B honest..typical kn, slalu org cakap "ah bini2 ani tah".. R ol female drivers dat bad? I read dis 1 article at HYS wher dis prson really made d conclusion dat female r d worst drivers. Hmmm...

Let c... is it woman yg slalu do dis?
  1. Driving with 1 hand, while tangan g satu bz holding sigup or bgaya mgitamkn tangan on d windo.
  2. Basarkn rim lampau over (i don hav anyting agains sport rim, sal i used em jua) smpai tpaksa plahan masuk simpang nda mkirkn org d blakang, especially yg ada trafic lite?
  3. Sensitip kana overtake (wel female ada la tp nda bnyak i tink) Drive on d rite side wif their so called konon keta laju then kna potong kiri, marah ya then uyung balik then tuntumnya.
  4. Braking mgajut..... y? sal ada bini2 mlintas.
  5. Braking mgajut..... y? sal kn mliat kblakang sapa menghon ia sal ia branti mgajut liat bini2
  6. Slowing drastically..... y? sal kn liat bodykit, rim keta org mlintas (n mos of d time ketanya pun ikut mliat... notic ketanya pun ke kiri or kanan)
  7. Slowing drastically..... y? sal kn mliat y org sbalah ni slowing down jua...

Hehehe.. I cant help but laugh. Im not being mean.. but honestly guys can be so.... annoying. Never in dis life time will they admit salah drg.. So dis is how 2 conclude dis, "Awu bini2 ta salah nah" :)


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